10 Easiest US dental schools to enter for foreign dentists

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Top 10 Best Dental Schools to Apply To For Foreign or Internationally Trained Dentists as of 2008

THIS LIST IS SPECIFICALLY FOR INTERNATIONAL DENTAL PROGRAMS (IDP's) or ADVANCED STANDING PROGRAMS (AS). First off, it should be made clear that no dental school is easy to gain admission into. This ranking is about the easier dental schools that international students worried about admission should aim to include on their application lists. For graduates of accredited undergraduate universities applying to 4-year DDS or DMD programs, see our 'Easiest US Dental Schools to Get Into' post. Information provided here is approximate (but as accurate as possible) and is updated as required. Thank you for turning to Top 10 Nation for this important information. International or foreign-trained dentists, especially from areas such as India, Korea, Latin America, and the Middle East are looking for the easiest dental schools in the United States to apply to. Which schools have the easiest path to acceptance and admission for these already-trained dentists? Keep reading...

1. New York University College of Dentistry Advanced Placement DDS Program (NYU Dental)
With approximately 125 seats for Advanced Placement students, this large program is the leading favorite for international students. The biggest disadvantage to this program is that it is a THREE YEAR PROGRAM.
Minimum's for Application: NBDE Part I: Pass (Average 87), TOEFL: 230.
Advantages: Easy admission, large Advanced Placement class means many peers to work with, state-of-the-art clinical facilities.
Disadvantages: 3-year program makes it a year longer than most other programs, highest tuition/fees at $66,746/year, with the added relatively high cost of living in New York City ($31,351/year).

2. Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine Advanced Standing Program (BU Dental)
Definitely the best (easiest) choice for international dentists seeking a two-year program in the United States. With approximately 65 seats available, many students are interviewed and accepted. Read our Top 10 Reasons to attend BU Dental.
Minimum's for Application: NBDE Part I: 85 or higher, TOEFL: 250 or higher.
Advantages: Relatively easy admission for a large 2-year program, large Advanced Standing class means many peers to work with, relatively more affordable tuition, student-friendly environment, supportive faculty.
Disadvantages: Still has a high tuition/fees at $64,511/year (cost of living expenses not available), clinical facilities are lacking with more chairs for students required.

3. University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine Program for Advanced Standing Students (UPenn)
Ranked as our Top 7th Best Dental School in the US or Canada. This top-tier school has 26 seats available for foreign trained dentists.
Minimum's for Application: NBDE Part I: 85 or higher (average 89), TOEFL: 220 or higher, GPA: 3.0 .
Advantages: Top-tier school ranked at #7 across the country, 2-year program.
Disadvantages: Still has a high cost at approximately $83,000/year for fees and living expenses, clinical facilities are lacking, although a new clinical facility did open in 2002.
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