American Board of Dental Examiners (ADEX) упрощают правила региональных экзаменов

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Последняя статья в вестнике Американской Ассоциации Стоматологов публикует свежие новости об упрощении режима региональных экзмаенов и превращении 3 разных экзаменов (NERB, Western, Florida) в один единственный.
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June 02, 2011
Landmark decision in Florida: State opts for ADEX exam for dental licensure
By Karen Fox, ADA News staff
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Tallahassee, Fla.—As of Oct. 1, Florida will no longer offer its own clinical licensure examination.

With the support of the Florida Dental Association and Florida Board of Dentistry, Gov. Rick Scott May 31 signed House Bill 1319, an update to the state dental practice act that, among other things, recognizes the American Board of Dental Examiners (ADEX) Dental Examination as the state’s clinical exam for dental licensure.
ADEX is a national test development organization that develops dental and dental hygiene examinations. Florida has already adopted the ADEX hygiene exam for licensure.
“We’re very happy with the process that we took to get to this point and feel that ADEX is a good exam,” said Dr. Larry Nissen, president of the Florida Dental Association.
After Oct. 1, individuals who have taken the ADEX exam in other states can apply for licensure in Florida for one year. After that, they will be required to undergo additional requirements to maintain licensure such as a jurisprudence exam.
The bill is not retroactive, added Dr. Bruce Barrette, president of the American Board of Dental Examiners.
“Anyone who takes the ADEX exam after Oct. 1 will be eligible for practice in Florida,” Dr. Barrette said.

The state had considered changing its exam over the last few years but the movement gathered steam once Gov. Scott took office in 2010.

“We were faced with a number of challenges, including a new governor who was determined to slash the budget,” said Dr. Thad Morgan, chair of the Florida Board of Dentistry. “It’s not that there was anything wrong with the Florida exam. We were due for an occupational analysis of the exam and we were going to have to come up with the money for that. We couldn’t feasibly maintain our test without significant expenditures.”

Florida House Bill 1319 states: “It is the intent of the Legislature to reduce the costs associated with an independent state-developed practical or clinical examination to measure an applicant’s ability to practice the profession of dentistry and to use the [American Board of Dental Examiners examinations] developed by the American Board of Dental Examiners, Inc., in lieu of an independent state-developed practical or clinical examination.
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“The Legislature finds that the [ADEX exam], in both its structure and function, consistently meets generally accepted testing standards and has been found, as it is currently organized and operating, to adequately and reliably measure an applicant’s ability to practice the profession of dentistry.”

Dr. Nissen made it a priority to begin the process of identifying a new exam during his tenure as FDA president. He appointed Dr. James W. Antoon of Rockledge, Fla., a member of the ADA Council on Dental Education and Licensure, as chair of FDA’s Committee to Study Licensure.

“It was something that had been considered for many years due to the similarities between the Florida and ADEX exams,” said Dr. Antoon. “More recently, we felt some pressure from the state Department of Health regarding the budget. We wanted to prepare a plan that we would be comfortable with.”

As it progressed, FDA officials were surprised to find little opposition to their plan. Though that was in part due to a lack of other options, said Dr. Morgan.
in December 2010 and the Board of Dentistry approved it that same month. In January, the FDA House of Delegates debated the issue and voted to change policy to support the ADEX examinations.

“There was a debate in the caucuses and in reference committees, but in the end the plan was supported by most, if not all, of the House of Delegates,” said Dr. Nissen.

“We were going to be proactive and offer an alternative to the Florida exam that was fair to licensure candidates, provided an accurate measure of minimal competence and ensured public safety, and I think we achieved that,” said Dr. Antoon.

“This was a great way for the Florida Board of Dentistry to collaborate with the Florida Dental Association,” said Dr. Morgan. “We moved a mountain when most people didn’t think we could.”

ADEX has 25 member states and its licensure exams are accepted by many other state boards. The ADEX exam is administered by the North East Regional Board of Dental Examiners Inc., one of the nation’s five regional testing agencies, and is administered independently in Nevada.

In a statement issued June 2, ADEX officials said “ADEX membership gives a recognizing state dental board direct involvement in the development and evolution of the examinations through committee appointments and approval of the final form of the examinations in dentistry and dental hygiene through appointments to the House of Representatives. Consumer members of state dental boards are full active voting members of ADEX directly involved in the evolution and participation of the examinations.”
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Самое загадочное- пока совсем неясно, будет ли reciprocity или нет, будет ли прежняя лицензия Флориды признаваться в других штатах... Полная путаница...
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Well, they say " the bill is not retroactive "...... Хотя как то все туманно))))