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Boston University Program Number: IMPD1020

PASS Deadline: February 16, 2009
Program Deadline: March 01, 2009

Director: Dr. Zhimon Jacobson, Boston University
Goldman School of Dental Medicine
Office of Postdoctoral Admissions
100 E. Newton Street, Room G305
Boston MA 02118 Phone: 617-638-4783
Fax: 617-638-4798
Length of Program: Varies based on degree, see notes.
Required Number of Evaluation Forms: 3 Forms
Recommended Evaluators: One institutional evaluation from the dean of the applicant's dental school and two evaluations from dental school faculty.
Attributes to be Evaluated: Initiative; adaptability; judgment; clinical skills; technical ability; professionalism, ethical character; communication skills; compassion; intellectual ability, foundation of knowledge; commitment to area of specialization.
Requirements before enrollment in program: Description
Must have earned a D.M.D./D.D.S. degree, or equivalent.
Must submit pre-dental college transcripts directly to the program (not to PASS).
Must be proficient in the English language.
Must report most recent TOEFL score in PASS Application.
Must submit a supplemental application-processing fee directly to the program (not to PASS).

The school will email applicants regarding selection of the degree program of interest & supplemental application-processing fee.
If a candidate is selected by the department for an interview, he or she will be contacted by the school.
• CAGS (24 months) • CAGS in Implant/Pros & MSD in Implantology (48 m) • CAGS in Implant/Perio & MSD in Implantology (48 m) • CAGS in Perio/Pros/Implant & MSD in Implantology (60 m) • Fellowship (12 m)
NBDE part II preparation material. | Advanced Education Program in Implant Dentistry
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А укого хороший advanced course , мне на будущее, что бы начинала деньги копить заранее
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Мне понравились лекции Weisgold (всегда читает одну и ту же), Belser, Aldo Leopardi, Herman Galucci, Lyndon Cooper и многие др. кого вспомню... Все они простодонты
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