NBDE part II preparation material.

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1. Mosby's review
2. dental decks
3. first aid for part II
4. Kaplan review for part II - not very relevant but there is some value to it
5. Mosby's MCQ CD - 400 questions
6. all released questions
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Спасибо всем моим коллегам за помощь в организации сайта и участии в дискуссиях! Рада что есть прогресс!
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Спасибо! Все жду когда кто-нибудь из участников поступит, это будет весомый результат! Можно будет собраться по этому поводу, например в Майами))))
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vot tak i proigrat' mogno))) vse yayca v odnu korzinu ne kladut)))
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I'm sure that Sergey will do great!
To return to the topic of this thread, I took NBDE 2 in June, I got 83. It was a very hard exam, I'm happy that I passed it, but I have the feeling that I could have done a little better. There were a lot of stress from personal factors at the time I took the exam, and I think that took away few points from my score.

I studied for about 6-7 months, intensely the last 2 months. My study material and comments:
- Mosby 2-3 times, it explains quite well with enough details to unrestand
- First Aid NBDE 2-3 times, a good review book, has some details that are missed in Mosby
- Decks 2008 - very good study material, but only decks are not enough to pass the test
- Tufts I liked the explanations for the answers, helped settle down what i learned from Mosby and First Aid
- First Aid USMLE 1 - I used it for Pharmacology, other books miss some important but easy to remember info
- released papers - twice, got some repeats from them, but not much
- Kaplan Q Bank - very useful, I learned a lot from their explanations.

I feel that it was a very tough exam. For the last few months I couldn't think of anything else but the exam, and I was so happy to get back to life!!!
The second day was a little easier, and I guess I passed the test mostly because of the second day score (81 out of 100).
There were a lot of tricky questions from Behaviour and Epidemiology, which are not explained enough in the books that I read. I had a feeling that Prosth is not enough explained, but after the exam I think it was ok. I also read few pages from Art and Science of Operative Dentistry for instruments.

Hope this helps focus on what matters. I would be glad to answer your questions.
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Thank you, Tanya, for sharing your experience, it is extremely valuable. We wish good luck to you!
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Таня спасибо за ваши рекомендации и удачи с поступлением! В какие программы вы подавали документы?
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Thank you Olga! i'm applying to few Ortho, all possible AEGD and Pedo. Do you thik I stand a chance in any of these?
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You have good chances to get in AEGD and perio!
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Thank you, Olga. I was thinking more about AEGD. I don't see myself as a periodontist, but I'll have to do some research on this specialty too. Good luck to everybody!
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Actually I mean pedo )) Pedo if you like can be pretty beneficial ))) Not my cup of tea though...
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I'm ok with Pedo, I have quite an experience in this specialty. I'm applying to 10 programs this year, meaning to all that would accept FTDs and won't ask for impossible to get doccuments (like an official copy from the registrat of my dental school). I guess it doesn't matter for how many programs one applies, it's more important to have a strong application and... be lucky - I guess it's the most important factor :)
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I forgot to mention that I would like to share the study material that I have for NBDE 2. Just let me know if you are interested.
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Tatiana, how is it going? Have you got any interviews? Have you been accepted ? Keep us posted. Wish you best of luck!
Since you have passed NBDE 1 and 2 are you allowed to take licensure exam and practice as a general dentist?
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Hi Tatyana, thanks for asking and for your wishes. I applied to about 20 residency programs this year, few Ortho, about 10 Pedo, and about 5 AEGD. No response from any of them yet. For some of them the deadline for applications didn't pass yet, so I still have hope.
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I heard that I can take the NERB and apply for license in Minnesota only. This is the only state that would allow to apply for license without any US schooling. On their website I read that I have to find somebody who would hire me first. Because of certain personal circumstances I will leave it for later.

Oh, I forgot to say that I was accepted to BU Advanced Standing, but couldn;t join the program this past summer because I couldn get a student loan for it. I hope it's for the best :)

All the best for those who are applying, keep doing your best and there will be someone appreciating it.
Best of luck for those who work too! :)
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в общем сегодня пришел рез-т, формально вчера, но неохота было спускаться до почтового ящика=) получил 79 - вроде бы рад, что больше не надо сдавать, а с другой стороны хотелось бы 83, ну или на крайний случай 80))
итого (если кому интересно) - part I - 83, part II - 79 тоефл - 93 (надо будет пересдать)
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Arsen, perfekcionizm eto zlo. Zaciklivaet tebya na vtorostepennom, ved' vagen rezul'tat - postupit', a ne koli4estvo balov. Poetomu vpered. TOEFL kone4no moge6' peresdat', no ya by postavil eto pod nomer 2, posle oformleniya CAAPID/PASS v prioritetnosti.
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Серег, спасибо за совет! так у меня каапид давно заполнен только вузов почти не осталось)
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Hi, Tatiana! Are You practice as a general dentist? I hope You are! Do You still have the study materials for NBDE? I want to pass it and hope that you can share. Thanks a lot!
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Таня, у тебя в заначке не осталось никаких материалов для подготовки случайно??? А то мы здесь ссылок вагон написали со всеми источниками, но стремительные росс врачи не могут читать дискуссии, им некогда наверно....