Ортодонт в США.

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Добрый день. Я прочитал все ниже сказанное и меня теперь мучает один вопрос. Дело в том что я врач ортодонт и хотел бы им оставаться при переезде в США. Но как я понял что это невероятно сложно. Подскажите пожалуйста самый верный путь решения этого вопроса. И самый надежный (на сколько он может быть таковым). Я даже готов заново отучиться в университете.

Просьба изъяснить все пошагово. Так я новичок в этом деле и очень путаюсь на данный момент.

Заранее огромное спасибо за ваши комментарии и потраченное время.
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Всего в США 66 программ по ортодонтии:

Сроки подачи документов обычно до конца сентября. Подробно информацию можно узнать через поиск программ в PASS www.adea.org
Обычные требования (очень типичные для всех орто программ)

Requirements before enrollment in program: Description
Must have passed Part I, National Dental Board Examination.
Must have earned a D.M.D./D.D.S. degree, or equivalent.
Must submit an original dental school diploma directly to the program (Not to ADEA PASS).
Must be a graduate of a U.S. or Canadian dental school.

Requirements to apply to program: Description
Must submit pre-dental college transcripts directly to the program (not to ADEA PASS).
Must submit official dental school transcript directly to the program (in addition to ADEA PASS).
May be considered for admission if graduated from non-ADA accredited (international) dental school.
Must be proficient in the English language.
Must report most recent TOEFL score in PASS Application.
Must submit 2" X 2" photograph directly to the program (not to ADEA PASS).
Must contact program for supplemental application.
Must submit a supplemental application-processing fee directly to the program (not to ADEA PASS).
Must submit any evaluations that exceed the three processed by PASS directly to the program (not to ADEA PASS).

Почти все программы требуют окончание амер или канадской стом школы. Но есть некоторые, например Коннетикут, Техас, Чикаго и др которые в своем описании отмечают, что принимают зарубежных врачей в программу.
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Вот еще интересный ответ от amalgamator42 - примерно тоже самое, что я вам до этого отвечала:

Do you need to do research? Probably, unless you can assure yourself that you will be number one in your class. It shows that you are interested in "going the extra mile" and open to learning outside the classroom. It allows you to form relationships in the ortho dept and get some great letters of recommendation.

Also, do something extracurricular. Get heavily involved from the beginning so you can rise to the top of the leadership, preferably president by your junior year.

Also, do something service if you can. Dental service like give kids a smile or mission of mercy or something more regular locally.

smartest thing you can do is get to know the ortho faculty. Do research with them and show them that you are a smart and hard worker. You best chance is at your home school. When it comes time to apply, sit down with the ortho director and ask him to help you decide on which schools to apply to. This will stroke his ego and you'll get some great info. Then apply to 20 schools, including lots of backup ones.

Basically you need to go ballz out crazy and get excellent grades on every test and quiz. Don't slack, because someone else is always crazier than you and will work harder. Class rank will become more important as national boards go pass/fail.

Also, ortho is great, but it's not the"golden parachute" everyone claimed it was in dental school. It's hard to find a job, let alone one in a good geographic location. The reality is things are pretty rough out there right now.
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Абсолютно согласна с тем, что быть ортодонтом- не конец света, и найти работу, реферралс, и пр очень сложно.
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все таки кажется, что легче мир на изнанку вывернуть, чем ортодонтом в США стать. НО НЕТ НИЧЕГО НЕВОЗМОЖНОГО, будем стараться))))
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Все возможно, есть программы, которые принимают зарубежных врачей И конечно нужно выбиваться из толпы!
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Found one more interesting Residency programm

Graduate Dental Education Programs » Periodontic/ Orthodontic Residency
Program Director: Dr. Robert L.Vanarsdall, contact

Program Overview
Applicants to this joint program must be accepted by both the Periodontic and Orthodontic admissions committees. It features two tracks:

The Clinical Track (Duration of program: 4 years)
In this track, the first year provides a comprehensive background in periodontics through extensive literature reviews, seminars, and clinical practice. Selected periodontal case are continued into the second year, which focuses on formal training in orthodontics, orthodontic preclinical laboratories, and the beginning of clinical training in several multi-band techniques. The third and fourth years consists primarily of orthodontic seminars, clinical practice of periodontics and orthodontics, and evaluation of post-treatment periodontal cases. Third- and fourth-year students also do limited teaching.

Graduates in this program are fully certified and board eligible in both periodontics and orthodontics. The four-year track will develop skilled clinicians who will be able to practice and teach in a clinical setting.

The Academic Track (Duration of program: 5 years)
The academic track is designed to prepare students for full-time academia as highly-trained clinicians in periodontics, orthodontics, and dental educators. This program is planned in cooperation with a research preceptor and leads to a Master of Science in Oral Biology. The program is planned and balanced by the Departments of Periodontics and Orthodontics and the research preceptor, so students can undertake clinical research while also being competently trained as a clinician.

Students will also have courses in the School of Education and have teaching responsibilities.

Clinical Education
The clinical portion of the program is the same for both tracks. The first year focuses on periodontics with selected periodontal cases continuing into the second year, which includes the beginning of clinical training in several multi-band orthodontic techniques. Students continue to build their clinical skills the third and fourth years, practicing in both periodontics and orthodontics.

All clinical practice takes place in Penn Dental Medicine’s Brainerd F. Swain Orthodontic Clinic and its D. Walter Cohen and Morton Amsterdam Periodontal Clinic.
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Программа классная! Но я думаю попасть в эту единственную программу в стране, да еще и в Пенн универе.... для иностранного врача практически не реально. Можно представить какая там конкуренция...