Valuable CE in the USA and Canada.

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Dear Docs,

could you share the info about valuable CE including online courses. What did you find interesting?
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Now you even can get an app for an iPad or iPhone for free
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Become a member of the Dentaltown, it is free, a lot of usefull discussions and CE
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As a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry you will get an access to great CE online, but it will cost you)
Great source
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Thank you Tatyana:)
I can add free CE from Dentsply
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Compendium постоянно в своих журналах предлагает CE courses, каждый университет, госпиталь также предлагает курсы.
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Tatyana, could you please give more information about ITI. Can I get ITI protocols without attending courses or becoming a member of ITI?
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ITI membership is about $400 a year, cheaper than ADA)))))
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thanx:) I'd like to become a member:) I'll do it a little bit latter. Tatyana, do you think it is worth it to read the guide only without attending the seminars? Do you attend some of them? what are the most interesting?
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I am sure it is worth reading, no doubt! ITI website has info on CE courses, also their meetings are great, but costly( Self education is the greatest thing